MULTICARE GENERATOR is one of the best zappers for low current therapy and removal of parasites, fungi, bacteria, viruses and toxins from the human body. Depending on the version, it contains up to 7 devices!


MULTICARE Bioresonance Generator

The PRO version differs from the STANDARD version in that it has a colloidal silver generation set and additional transducers for vibroacoustic therapy.


MULTICARE Bioresonance Generator with INDUCTION LOOP

Induction loop is an additional device that cooperates with the MULTICARE Bioresonance Generator via micro jack socket. You must connect an additional power supply, included in a set, to the induction unit. The device does not make any noises. Induction loop works from the power set on the bioresonance generator at about 10.

The loop consists of two 1 m and 2 m long detachable wire strips, which can be wrapped around any place on the body and emits an electromagnetic field of approximately 3000 mW (3 watts). The magnetic field from this loop operates at RIFE frequencies up to 25,000 Hz and is not perceptible. Thanks to the fact that it permeates the whole body, organs and bones, this therapy can be effective also in organs of the body, to which the standard treatment with hand-held and foot electrodes has no access. The device does not work on the HULDA CLARK generator option.

Loop treatments can also be performed at night. You can wrap the cable around your body anywhere or where you are having problems and turn on selected program from the RIFE generator. Recommended time of exposure to the organism through loop is about 2 to 4 hours a day (e.g. every day for a week, then a break of a few days).

Operation is indicated by a blue LED:

1. Power connection – LED flashes once every 3 seconds
2. Wristband connection – LED flashes pulsating
3. Connection to the Generator and program running – LED lights up

Programs can be carried out simultaneously using induction loop, as well as hand and foot electrodes – for this purpose, the power of device should be increased to several dozen units until LED lights up continuously.

Description of MULTICARE Bioresonance Generator – all versions

Multicare generator is a portable device for generating electrical currents. Accidental contact with the output terminals is absolutely safe. The output is protected by limiting resistors, which even in case of a short circuit will not allow the flow of current with a current exceeding 10 mA (dangerous value for a human being is above 20 mA).

Possibilities of Multicare Bioresonance Generator:

  • Purification of blood with Dr. Beck’s bioresonance
  • Bioresonance with programmed RIFE frequencies
  • Removal of parasites, fungi, bacteria and viruses with DR. HULDA CLARK generator
  • Stimulation of brain waves: DELTA, THETA, ALPHA, BETA
  • Vibroacoustic therapy (also works at RIFE frequencies)
  • Repeating and frequency sweeping
  • Generation of colloidal silver (two silver electrodes Ag0 (999 – 9999), from which approximately 150 liters of colloidal silver can be generated)
  • Hormone gland regulation
  • Regulation of internal organs
  • Removal of mercury and other heavy metals from the body and brain
  • More than 1390 pre-programmed programs for specific disorders available in Polish, English and Latin
  • Possibility of working on three sets of electrodes at the same time: hands, feet, induction loop
  • “Sweeping” of any frequency band at any time and in any progress
  • Possibility of software update via USB port
  • Clear multilevel menu on the display
  • Effectiveness in coping with diseases
  • Simplicity of use
  • Possibility of creating own programs and sets
  • Can also be applied for small children


Microcontroller controls the entire device functionality, communicating with the user by graphic LCD display. This interface allows, among others, to control the generator’s operation, select the shape of generated waveform, select the frequencies or their set from the device memory and define custom frequency sets. All functions and capabilities of the device are grouped into multilevel, easy to use menus.

Device is powered by a set of four AA-size batteries with a nominal voltage of 1.2 V. In addition, power can be supplied via the power supply unit. On side walls of housing there are power sockets, headphones and mini-USB connector; one “cinch” socket and two 2.5 mm mini jacks for additional electrodes.

Information for the user is displayed on a clear graphical screen measuring 30 x 55 mm. The operation of bioresonance generator is very intuitive. All information on the display is clear and legible. Display has a backlight, which color and intensity can be freely changed by the user.

Main menu of Multicare Bioresonance Generator includes:

  • Zapper Rife
  • Rife Set
  • Zapper Beck
  • Zapper Clark
  • Colloidal Silver
  • Sweeping (Rife, Clark)
  • Repeating (Rife, Clark)
  • Brain wave generator
  • Vibroacoustic therapy
  • Settings


Keypad with 20 keys is used to navigate through the menu and to switch on and off the individual functions of generator. A group of navigation, function, and up-market keys has been distinguished.

At the top of menu is device logo and current battery status. Press “OK” button to enter the main menu. “BACK” button returns to the main screen. In order to operate the device intuitively, in some places keys are used to change its functionality.



Device settings are a submenu used to define the operation of individual generators and certain fixed and global functions of the entire device.

Using keys (up, down arrows) you can find the position you are interested in and confirm it with “OK” button.

Option settings: “RIFE operating time”, “CLARK operating time”, “CLARK interval time”,

The operating time of a single subprogram is changed by keys (up, down arrow). Longer holding the key causes precipitation of adding/deducting the selected time. The step of time change is 1 min. Confirm the set value with “OK” button.

Switch the language by pressing keys (up, down arrow), highlighting the language. Selected setting is confirmed by pressing “OK” button.

Key sounds and messages are switched on and off in the same way as language selection. Use buttons (up, down arrow) to highlight option and then press “OK” button to confirm.

You can also choose the intensity of display backlighting and the content of individual RGB color components. Backlighting intensity of particular colors is changed using keys (up, down arrow). We change the components of each color using keys described on the screen of submenu of backlight color change. Confirm settings by pressing “OK” button.

Ready-made frequency sets (1389 programs) available from RIFE generator have been implemented in the device – many of them under Latin, Polish and English names for better searching. They were sorted alphabetically and numbered. You can refer to individual items by entering their number or by looking for them in the list. The search by name is easier using keys that shift to names beginning with the next and previous letters of alphabet.

Multicare generator has the ability to create its own programs. These are two separate boards for 100 programs, which can contain up to 100 different frequencies. Creating your own programs is available as a part of RIFE and HULDA CLARK bioresonance generators.

You can enter your own set of frequencies after deleting an existing entry or selecting one that does not contain any frequency (empty entry). If you want to overwrite an existing entry, you must first delete it using key (BIN). If you would like to remove the selected set, please confirm your choice by selecting “YES” from the menu that appears. Then press “OK” button to go to still empty list of frequencies. Press “OK” button to confirm the subsequent numerical values. Key (CODE) deletes the current entry. Zero frequency indicates an interruption in generation. After entering and confirming the desired number of frequencies, press the output button “BACK” and decide whether to save the defined set in device memory.

You can enter your own set of several programs after deleting the existing set or selecting one that does not contain any frequency (empty entry). The entry is made numerically from the range of contained items in RIFE menu and/or from own pre-programmed sets, similarly to the above. Key (BIN) deletes the current entry in operating mode of set. It is possible to save 50 programs in each of 20 sets.

In settings we can choose the course of all procedures: rectangular, sinusoidal or triangular. After entering submenu “Signal shape”, the selected waveform will be highlighted with a dark bar and confirmed with (OK). The use of rectangular curves is recommended.

The device is able to precisely generate silver colloid of value from 1 up to 25 ppm. In order to generate exactly the colloid in desired form, it is necessary to mix it with electrodes every 10-15 minutes and wiped electrodes with silver oxide. The time in which 10 ppm will be generated is about 45 min. Distilled waters available on the market show an initial ppm of about 3 to 7 as it results from the generator indications, and therefore in order to obtain silver with a value of 10 ppm from distilled water, which initial state is 5 ppm, it is necessary to generate such silver with a value of 15 ppm according to the device indications. Electrodes in set can be sufficient for about 100 – 150 liters of colloidal silver. Electrodes darken with use, but this does not change their properties.

In order to use the Brain Wave Generator, select an appropriate option from the main menu on your device. Choose frequency by entering one of waves (delta, theta, alpha, beta) and set in Hz one of channels in range and volume. Of course, you need a headset with a small 3.5 mm jack socket, which is not included. Volume control (up, down arrow).

Sweep function allows you to enter any range of values (frequencies) within which the cycle will be applied, i.e. enter the initial and final frequency of such range for a given cycle. In addition, you must determine the shift and duration of each frequency.

Repeats are used to automatically restart the program already in use from the beginning in amount selected by the user. They concern both saved and own programs.

Generator in the vibroacoustic therapy works by means of microvibration and sounds on the body. Frequency range and amplitude of vibrations are compatible with microvibration in the body. In the affected area, the flow of blood and lymph is significantly increased by the use of vibroacoustic transducers. Frequency range is from 44 Hz to 12000 Hz in both programs. The difference between programs is only in the nature of change. Every single frequency (e.g. 125 Hz) on vibroacoustic transducers can also be achieved from RIFE generator.

Bioresonance generator also has an audio therapy option and is equipped with a standard 3.5 mm jack socket for headphones, where sounds are available at the frequencies of individual treatments. They work with all levels of built-in generators (RIFE, CLARK, BACK) and as soon as the device detects headphones that are on, it automatically activates the frequency generation on headphones according to the currently used program.

In the “Settings” menu you can program parameters of the device:

  • RIFE operating time: recommended 1 min., regulation from 1 min. up to 5 h.
  • CLARK operating time: 7 min. is used as standard, regulation from 1 min. up to 5 h.
  • CLARK interval time: 20 min. is used as standard, regulation from 1 min. up to 2 h.
  • Signal shape: rectangle, triangle, sine wave
  • Language: Polish or English
  • Sounds : sound on / off
  • Backlighting color: any color and brightness


While the device is in operation, an automatic charger also operates on the power supply unit, which monitors the batteries status and recharges them if necessary. The battery charging time is approx. 10 hours. Generator switches on automatically when the plug of power pack is inserted and charges batteries if necessary. The device is protected against overload, so you can set the device to charge overnight or perform therapies on switched power supply unit. We recommend using the supplied rechargeable battery.

Note: It is not recommended to use batteries instead of rechargeable batteries. However, if we install batteries for any reason, do not connect the power supply unit under any circumstances, as this will damage the internal charger of device that is not covered by the warranty!

Despite the current protection, signals from Multicare Bioresonance Generator should not directly affect the human body. The device should not be used by persons with pacemakers of or pregnant women. Neither the manufacturer nor the seller is responsible for any damage or consequences of non-compliance to the above recommendations.

Basic parameters of Multicare Bioresonance Generator:

External power supply: 12V / 2A (plus in the middle)
Battery power supply: 4 x battery AA 1.2
Shape of generated waveforms: rectangular, sinusoidal, triangular
Software can be upgraded: YES
Signal type: variable (so called fixed), alternating (so called variable)
Amplitude of generated variable signal: Max. 30V, Min. 0.6V
Amplitude of generated alternating signal: Max. 60V, Min. 1.2V
Short-circuit current – maximum output current less than 10 mA (from 0.1 mA up to 9.8 mA)
RIFE frequency range: 0.1 Hz – 90000 Hz
RIFE frequency setting accuracy: 0.01 Hz
RIFE program duration: 1 – 300 min
HULDA CLARK frequency range: 200 Hz – 1200000 Hz
HULDA CLARK frequency setting accuracy: 10 Hz
HULDA CLARK program duration: 1 – 300 min.
HULDA CLARK interval range: 1 – 120 min.
Frequencies of BECK program: 3.92 Hz, 100 Hz
BECK program duration: 1 – 480 min.
Create custom frequency sets: YES
Maximum number of sets: 100 sets for HULDA CLARK and 100 sets for RIFE
Maximum number of frequencies in set: 100
Dimensions of the unit: Length: 145 mm; Width: 90 mm; Height: 30 mm;
Weight without batteries: 190g
Weight with batteries: 290g

Generator is equipped with a socket:

  • supply
  • 5 mm headphone jack
  • 2 x 2.5 mm jack for additional electrodes
  • “cinch” for cylindrical electrodes, silver generation and vibroacoustic transducers
  • mini USB for software updates




Caution: Bioresonance generator is not a medical device and its use does not replace diagnosis and treatment by a physician. The manufacturer and distributors are not responsible for any possible negative consequences of using this device. The device may only be used at your own risk.